Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ruby on Rails

Taking a break from the TAS project - I need to rethink my code generation strategy as it pertains to the operator precedence parser.

I installed Ruby on Rails last night. Install itself was easy. I found this excellent tutorial and created a st00pid recipe book application. Then I modified it a little, not really knowing Ruby. I monkey-see-monkey-do'd part of my changes, and guessed otherwise. This was possible due to the 'convention not configuration' midset of the Rails designers.

Rails is very much a code generator. With all such 'rapid development' tools, the first app they show you is a Rolodex. How my eyes roll. With many such tools, when you have to write a real application, the work-level goes up and suddenly you're doing all the same work anyway.

I find the "no XML config" philosophy behind rails to be refreshing and in total contrast to Hibernate. I'm getting pretty tired of XML. I'll fiddle around with RoR for a while and se what it can really do.

Now, if I only needed a database-enabled web app...

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