Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'm between jobs now. Actually, my next job starts Monday, but I'm taking some time off before it starts. Just detoxing from the previous job and doing things around the house. The wife isn't lashing me too bad :-)

My son and I worked on the porch some...

Ms. Stormcrow makes lots of quilts and wanted to display one in the kitchen. I designed a quilt rack to her specs. A decade ago, I was going to make a Arts-and-Crafts-style bed, but it never happened. So I had plenty of white oak sitting in the shop taking up space. Much to my dismay, the oak was all still rough cut, so I selected some planks and hand-planed a straight edge on each with a Stanley #8C. Then I cut the lumber to width on the table saw. I planed it to thickness using a planer.

I mention the planer since I love the freedom it gives me. I don't have to accept the standard 3/4" thickness. I left the brackets at 7/8" so there would be plenty of wood for the hanging hardware, thinned the top from 15/16" to 3/4" to save weight, and made the hanger bar at something like 9/16" so it would fit through the brackets easier.

Other that the wood being gnarly, the grain changing directions several times on the edge I was trying to bullnose, everything went smoothly. I finished it with some typical Minwax stain and a coat of water-based poly.

Today I hung it in the kitchen using some really excellent drywall hangers.

She's happy. When momma's happy, everyone's happy.

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