Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Quilt Rack

I recently made a quilt rack for the wife.

The top is a plank, and it's screwed to the brackets. The bar the quilt is hanging from is a loose fit in the brackets so it can be slid out easily. The rack was stained with a golden oak stain and finished with water-based poly.

The quilt is typical of my wife's style and craftsmanship. It's hanging in the kitchen.

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  1. I am looking for something just like this!. My husband is going to make me a design wall (4' x 8') that I will cover with quilt batting and he will attach to the wall. Then I want to hang a rack like this one, over the top of the design wall. I would like the bar to be in front, rather than the middle of the brackets, that way I can hang a nice quilt up when company comes over and it will cover up my design wall. I need it wide tho' (the same width of the design wall-like 96". I can't seem to find any racks this style in that length. Any ideas where I could find one? Or do you know anyone that I can pay to make one? All suggestions welcome! I love your guy's website and all the talent you all have to make such cool stuff!