Friday, May 28, 2010

Remington and Flinter

My son Justin, his friend Trey, and I went to the range today to try out Trey's new Remington revolver. It's a black powder pistol of 44 caliber. While he was loading it, Justin and I were trading off on his flintlock pistol.

We decided it was high time to get the pistol properly sighted in so we benched the flinter and started filing the front site. The pistol is shooting about 12" low at 25 yards. Justin took the following frame captures from a movie he shot.

Here's a sequence showing Trey firing the Remington. Note the primer 's blast.

The Remington was pretty accurate out of the box. I hit 3 'bottles' in 3 shots at 25 yards. Apparently, I'm delighted ;-)

Going to the club was a spur-of-the-moment decision. What a nice way to finish up the afternoon!


Edit - We have been duly chastised for our lack of safety glasses.

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