Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shooting Justin's Flintlock

Justin and the club gunsmith finished Justin's rifle. We went to the range this weekend so I could try it out. The gun is a 'golden age' Pennsylvania rifle typical of what would be made in Lancaster county.

In any event, here's Justin taking a shot. The other shots you hear are from the shotgun range. This range is only for black powder.

And now it's my turn.

These rifles are pretty long (42" barrel on this one) and they're heavy. So you hold them in the crook of your left arm and prime the pan with your right hand.

The rifle shoots well. Sometimes when you shoot you have no idea why the ball hits where it does. With this rifle the ball hits pretty much where you point the rifle. Unfortunately I didn't always point it well ;-)

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  1. My name is Willie Geoghegan. Saw your name on a post on StackOverflow. Did you graduate from UK in the eighties? I graduated from there with BSCS in 1985. Been in Huntsville, AL since then.