Monday, April 23, 2007

TAS Must Die, Chapter 16

Made nice progress lately. The operator precedence parser is integrated now and works fine. Discovered I had forgotten that within the HTML, iscript allows you to embed iscript variables. For example, in:

my name is (*name*)

(*name*) will be replaced with the value of an iscript variable named "name."

I added the '(*' and '*)' tokens to the lexer file and built a new iscript lexer. Then I changed the iscript parser to recognize this and produce a slightly different 'emit' command. It worked the first time. /flex

Here's a snipped of my pcode which is pretty darn experimental:

Click it for a full-sized view.

I'll probably start the servlet next. It shouldn't be any harder than anything else. :-/

I'll need a translator to convert the pcode to executable stuff, and probably a really lame caching mechanism. Then I should be able to see pages display.

I'll then be in a loop of:

1. parser doesn't handle X
2. lexer doesn't support the tokens
3. mod lexer
4. mod parser
5. view using servlet
6. goto 1 until exhausted

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