Thursday, April 12, 2007

University of Kentucky

The family visited the University of KY today. My son is in the process of selecting a school. So we got an appointment for a group-tour/dog and pony show. I went to UK in the early 80's, I figured I go down there and show him around.


The place is totally different now. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised after 25 years, but holy cow. So many more buildings, so much more everything. Plenty of green space still. The huge concrete area outside the Patterson tower is gone, replaced by landscaped green space. There's a new student center, even newer than the one they opened in 84. The old grilles are gone, replaced by chain restaurants. The dining area in the old student center is huge. The new library is magnificent, multiple floors, superblytasteful archtecture, open and airy. And the new engineering building is impressive in its own way - it looks like a modern take on an old factory. But with lots of glass. And there's a "gym" where no classes are held - it's stricty for students' health. It sports a 30' rockwall, large indoor running track, all manner of weights, and a single room with four side-by-side full-size basketball courts. It's huge. There's also an outdoor track and an aquatic center. And the programs my son is interested in (some manner of business) are very hightly rated.

Eye opening trip to my old stomping grounds. Man, I'm obsolete.

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