Sunday, April 29, 2007

TAS Must Die, Chapter 20

I made the changes to the Operator precedence parser as per my previous entry. Works great.

I decided that I probably had a cruft buildup in my Executable subclasses, so I started writing some junit tests. They aren't traditional low-level tests. I just couldn't build meaningful Executables without writing a lot of code or making the Executable trivial. So I ended up writing test classes that focused on testing an Executable class, but if other Executables had to be invoked, so be it.

The junit tests include a piece of iscript that tests some Executable. This is parsed then compiled in Executables where are then executed. For conditionals, I might have the iscript emit a 'true' or 'false' piece of text in the appropriate part of the if/else/endif. For expressions, I fetch the result from the global variable hashmap and compare it to an expected value.

So far I turned up a little crud, nothing too bad. I need to see how iscript handles weird cases, such as ("a"*3) or ("bob" && true). Once I know the proper behavior for the corner cases I'll be able to fix the rest of the junit errors.

Oh, and if you aren't using junit, you ought to be. It's a Sure Thing.

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